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HP Calculator Selected Letters (ca. 1981)

This Section features scans I've made of selected letters I exchanged with a number of HP-calc fans mainly from 1979 to 1981 and a few beyond. All are part of my Project HAM and due to their perceived historic worthiness I'm making them available here for the very first time.

I scanned most letters at 300 dpi, resulting in hi-res 2,552 x 3,508 PNG images, which were then converted to multi-page PDF documents with embedded OCR'd texts when possible (e.g.: to allow for copy/paste operations). Some of them also include text pages with my own Notes, providing background info and extra details.

pdf HP Letter 1979-12-01 - Letter from Valentin Albillo to John McGechie (Full Scan)

(3 pages, 1.208.520 bytes)

This is the very first letter I wrote back in 1979 to John McGechie (Australian PPC Melbourne Chapter) when I was a very young adult and still at High School. At the time, I was but a fledgling HP-calc user with rudimentary self-taught English, but already bitten to the core by the HP bug. Includes Notes

pdf HP Letter 1979-12-19 - Letter from John McGechie to Valentin Albillo (Full Scan)

(7 pages, 1.769.472 bytes)

This was John McGechie's handwritten 6-page reply to my very first letter to him, where I unashamedly asked him zillions of questions, as an interested but total newcomer to the 1979 HP calc scene was bound to do. Includes Notes


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