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During the time I was active in the old Museum of HP Calculators (very active since May 9th, 2001) I posted some 1,897 posts and created 136 threads over the years, and since I've signed up to the new version I've posted several hundred more. As searching for a particular post in the old forum can be quite time-consuming (and even a hit-or-miss affair if you're not quite sure about the exact description of what you're trying to find), I've included here a selection of the 100 Best threads either directly created by me or featuring some of my best posts, carefully chosen one by one to include most of my allegedly very best posts, mainly the ones where I discuss programming techniques, math algorithms and topics, or give useful routines and program snippets to illustrate or solve some problem or other peoples' challenges.

The selection features also some threads which do not include any posts from me but where some of my posts or articles are extensively discussed by others, or include substantial discussions about me or my circumstances. Also, though the threads in the selection are usually included in full in the PDF, a number of them are trimmed to include only the parts relevant to me or my posts or which are necessary for comprehension. The reason is that many, many threads usually stay focused for a while but then digress enormously, with hundreds of subsequent posts having nothing to do with the original subject at all. I see no need to include such threads in all their length and so I trim them to just the relevant parts, which makes for much less space used and much more convenience afforded. In any case, the full-length thread can be consulted if desired without further search, as I give every thread's original URL in their own PDF.

Last but not least, these threads also do not include the ones I created to post my Challenges of all kinds, which you can find in the HP Calculator Challenges Category in this site. I might add to the selected threads in the future, so keep your eyes peeled !

HP Thread VA000 - HP-41-42 style RPN challenge

HP Thread VA001 - hp 71b

HP Thread VA002 - HP71 ROM module functions A

HP Thread VA010 - Solution times for matrix problems

HP Thread VA020 - Exp A where A is a Matrix

HP Thread VA030 - More Matrix Results HP and TI Machines

HP Thread VA040 - Math Challenge #8 - HP-16C Version

HP Thread VA041 - The pace of progress Exact factorials and the past

HP Thread VA050 - S&SMC#9 - Question to Valentin

HP Thread VA060 - S&SMC#9 Act II

HP Thread VA070 - S&SMC#9 Optimized 42S 41C RPN solution

HP Thread VA080 - Even More Results with Matrices

HP Thread VA090 - S&SMC#10 Final Notice

HP Thread VA092 - Analyzing Albillo Matrix Number 3 with the CC-40

HP Thread VA093 - Radix-100 Information (Albillo matrices)

HP Thread VA100 - More information on the Albillo Matrices

HP Thread VA101 - New Trig Functions Program for New 12C Platinum

HP Thread VA102 - Ill conditioning and calculator precision

HP Thread VA103 - More on ill conditioning and calculator precision

HP Thread VA104 - Even More Simultaneous Equation Solutions

HP Thread VA105 - RREF on the HP-49 Revisited

HP Thread VA110 - HP-15C Quicker identity-matrix program

HP Thread VA115 - How does ill-conditioning happen

HP Thread VA120 - Numerical integration on the 11C

HP Thread VA140 - Random simulation (and stimulation)

HP Thread VA150 - 7 Out Of 10

HP Thread VA160 - A modest arithmetical challenge

HP Thread VA170 - Non-extended BASIC programs for matrix work

HP Thread VA180 - For the best of you in geometry

HP Thread VA185 - Letter to the Editor of Datafile

HP Thread VA187 - HPCC club and Valentin Albillo

HP Thread VA190 - Are Matrices Relevant

HP Thread VA195 - Testing Matrix Multi-Tool Program for HP-35s

HP Thread VA200 - Solving a linear system with physical meaning

HP Thread VA209 - 2008-01-26 - Rank-deficient matrices

HP Thread VA210 - BASIC to RPL translation

HP Thread VA220 - 35s Programming need help

HP Thread VA230 - Lambert W on the HP-33s

HP Thread VA240 - HP67-97 RND Function

HP Thread VA250 - The 7x7 Linear Equation Solver for the HP-67

HP Thread VA260 - Is there any interest in HP-150 source code

HP Thread VA268 - Gamma and Factorial for 12C 12CP

HP Thread VA270 - 4915 digits of pi MCODE 41 19660 digits opt

HP Thread VA280 - Wolfram Alpha now LIVE

HP Thread VA290 - Math question

HP Thread VA300 - 41C 30th Birthday Game

HP Thread VA310 - Challenge Keith numbers

HP Thread VA313 - Lambert W (HP-12Cp)

HP Thread VA315 - HP-71 matrix methods (LU decomp)

HP Thread VA320 - Numerical Integration HP TI etc

HP Thread VA325 - Determinants of the AM1 matrix

HP Thread VA330 - Matrix functions on the WP 34s

HP Thread VA340 - Impressive TI NSpire CX CAS Multiple Integration

HP Thread VA350 - Sunday Programming Challenge

HP Thread VA360 - New variant Romberg Integration (sinc)

HP Thread VA370 - HP71B Maths Module

HP Thread VA380 - Another tough integral

HP Thread VA390 - Question for Valentin Identifying Constants

HP Thread VA400 - Programming challenge Euler Totient function

HP Thread VA410 - WP 34S accuracy is excellent

HP Thread VA420 - How to EMU71 on an Android Tablet

HP Thread VA430 - Programming exercise

HP Thread VA440 - Riemann Zeta Function

HP Thread VA450 - Estimating accuracy in finite precision


These articles, programs, pictures, their descriptions and other materials created by me are (c) Valentin Albillo, and can be used freely for non-profit purposes as long as (1) the contents aren't modified in any way and (2) the copyright is acknowledged.

In plain words, you can download them and use them for non-profit purposes but do not include them in any media and/or site for which you're asking money, do not tamper with their contents and do not say or imply that you created them or that you don't know who created them, you must always give due credit to the copyright holder (that's me).