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HP Calculator Raw Scans

This Section features scans I've made of assorted documents other than Pictures or Brochures, such as booklets or bulletins. Most are part of my Project HAM, i.e., scans of 40+ year-old vintage documents not authored by me but which were sent to me back then, and due to their perceived rarity (even uniqueness right now) I'm making them available here.

I scanned most paper documents at 300 dpi, resulting in hi-res 2,552 x 3,508 PNG images, which were then converted to multi-page PDF documents with embedded OCR'd texts (e.g.: to allow for copy/paste operations). Some of them also include text pages with my own Notes, providing background info and extra details.

pdf HP Raw Scan - A Blackbox Handbook to Synthetic Programming Techniques (Full Scan)

(16 pages, 3.133.875 bytes)

A 16-page booklet by Phill Jury (PPC #5484) which was sent to me by John McGechie (PPC Melbourne Chapter) circa 1980, and which I've discovered recently among my 40+ year-old vintage materials so I thought it would be proper to scan it and upload it to this Section as well. Phill says:

"This book is designed to teach the person who has neither the time nor the inclination to learn how the 41C goes about carrying out various non-standard techniques, but explains in detail (step by step instructions), how to use these techiques."

pdf HP Raw Scan - A Guide to Profitable Decision Making (Full Scan)

(28 pages, 37.699.863 bytes)

A Guide to Profitable Decision Making - Hewlett-Packard’s introduction to basic financial concepts every business manager should know. DECISIONS - the single most important factor facing a manager. This guide is about time and money.

pdf HP Raw Scan - Boletin #0 Club Usuarios Calculadoras HP Barcelona (Full Scan)

(33 pages, 13.177.030 bytes, in Spanish and others)

This 32-page magazine arrived 1983-10-01 in a big envelope by regular mail sent from Barcelona (Spain). They sent me their #0 issue, which features an interesting mix of programs, routines, hint, tips, articles and even some adds, mostly for the HP-41C in this particular issue, including data sorting, artificial satellites' tracking, synthetics, polynomial arithmetic, "alien" games, special functions and numeric analysis, etc., in both Spanish and other languages. Includes HP-41C barcodes for the programs featured. Includes Notes.

pdf HP Raw Scan - ENTER contra Igual (Full Scan)

(8 pages, 6.663.984 bytes, in Spanish)

Calculadoras cientificas de bolsillo - la verdadera historia. Una discusion practica, problema por problema, de los sistemas logicos usados en las actuales (ca. 1977) calculadoras cientificas de bolsillo.

pdf HP Raw Scan - HP Advanced Programmable Calculator Survey (Full Scan)

(12 pages, 2.955.836 bytes)

This arrived as a thick 1977 letter from HP "sent to only a few HP-67 and HP-97 owners", encouraging us to take a very comprehensive survey and then send the completed questionnaire back to them. The large envelope included a one-page letter plus the survey's questionnaire proper, which consisted of 8 pages featuring 36 quite complex and detailed, very specific questions. Oh, and a return envelope as well. Includes Notes.

pdf Introducing Project HAM (Historic Albillo Materials)

This PDF document describes Project HAM.


These articles, programs, pictures, their descriptions and other materials created by me are (c) Valentin Albillo, and can be used freely for non-profit purposes as long as (1) the contents aren't modified in any way and (2) the copyright is acknowledged.

In plain words, you can download them and use them for non-profit purposes but do not include them in any media and/or site for which you're asking money, do not tamper with their contents and do not say or imply that you created them or that you don't know who created them, you must always give due credit to the copyright holder (that's me).