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During the many years the old MoHPC forum was active, there's always been a non-negligible number of posts and threads related to the extremely popular (even among die-hard HP calc fans, myself included!) SHARP pocket computers, but the best ones among them are pretty difficult to locate among the existing 174,288 posts in 21,658 threads. To alleviate the situation, this Category includes a selection of the best threads entirely dedicated or including substantial posts about popular SHARP pocket computers (not necessarily created or posted by muself but by the whole community), so you can find the best ones without having to search like mad, I've alredy done the search for you. Enjoy !

SHARP Thread VA005 - 2006-03-02 - Long Live Sharp

SHARP Thread VA010 - Before I had HP calcs I had Sharp calcs

SHARP Thread VA020 - 2011-11-23 - Some Sharp brochures in PDF


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