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Here you'll find a set of brochures I've collected over the years featuring SHARP calculators and pocket computers. Enjoy!

P.S.: Fortunately, I've regained my scanning capabilities, so in addition to the existing pics (which will be kept, as they're much smaller) you'll eventually find here the full brochures as PDF documents, whose pages are 2,500 x 3,300 PNG images scanned at 300 dpi or better. Enjoy !

P.S. 2: All titles ending in Full Brochure are part of my Project HAM.

PDF SHARP Brochure VA000 - Pocket Computer Katalog - Full brochure

(8 pages, in German)


Das Beste für Wirtschaft , Wissenschaft und Technik.

(Features the following models:

PC-1600, CE-1600P, CE-1600F, CE-1650F, CE-1600E, [...],
PC-1360, PC-1425, PC-1450, CE-140P, CE-130T, CE-129P, PC-1403, PC-1421, PC-1430,
PC-1248, PC-1246S, PC-1260, PC-1262, PC-1270, CE-125, PC-1100,
PC-1500A, CE-150, CE-162E, CE-158, CE-159, CE-161, PC-2500, CE-130T
, [...])

JPG SHARP Brochure VA001 - Australian Business Has Really Taken to SHARP

1 page, nice Australian SHARP brochure featuring several vintage SHARP microcomputer, pocket computer and calculator models, including the MZ-3540, EL-852, EL-1124, EL-7050, EL-7100, PC-1251 and PC-1500.

JPG SHARP Brochure VA002 - Asimov on TRS-80 Pocket Computer

1-page, SHARP brochure featuring renowned (and a life-long favourite of mine) Science and Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov endorsing the revolutionary SHARP PC-1211 pocket computer (in its Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer incarnation) as one of his dreams turned into reality. The Minisette cassette recorder, Cassette Interface and Printer are mentioned as well.

PDF SHARP Brochure VA003 - SHARP PC-1211 - Full brochure

(in Spanish)

SHARP PC-1211. Computador profesional de bolsillo programable en BASIC.

      Con memoria equivalente a 4 Kbytes.
      Los programas y datos se conservan y cargan desde un cinta magnetofonica.
      Adopcion del lenguaje BASIC.
      Sistema de tecla reservable y definible.
      Visor de matriz de puntos de 24 cifras rodante.
      Capacidad de programacion de 1,424 pasos 26 memorias con proteccion de la memoria.
      Teclado de maquina de escribir y teclado decimal.

PDF SHARP Brochure VA004 - SHARP PC-1211 - Full brochure

(in Spanish)


JPG SHARP Brochure VA007 - PC-1261


A Wider-perspective Pocket Computer with 24-digit Dual Line Display, Enlarged Memory, and Built-in Instant Software.

PDF SHARP Brochure VA010 - SHARP PC-1500 Software - Full brochure

Includes information on the following SHARP PC-1500 (aka TRS-80 PC-2) software:

      - SharpCalc
      - Finance
      - Math
      - Electrical Engineering
      - Circuit Analysis
      - Business Graphics
      - General Statistics
      - Statistical Distribution
      - Graphics Deve|opment

JPG SHARP Brochure VA012 - TRS-80 PC-2 (SHARP PC-1500)

Tandy Presents the Next Generation of Pocket Computers.

The Ultimate Hand-Held Computer - Powerful, Affordable and Expandable.

Never before have such powerful computing features been available for use by on-the-go people. Engineers, students, businessmen and professionals can enjoy an easy-to-program advanced BASIC language, plus RS-232 communications and multi-color plotting and printing.

PDF SHARP Brochure VA020 - PC-1600 - Full brochure

(6 pages, scanned by Harald Richter)

The Ultimate Pocket Computer. A Versatile, Shopisticated System for Everyone.

SHARP's PC-1600 is a versatile and sophisticated computer system designed to help professionals perform their work more effectively and with greater efficiency. Together with its accessories, the PC-1600 provides personal automation that goes with you anywhere. It represents the ultimate in personal automation, offering the portability and convenience of a pocket-sized computer combined with a wide selection of optional devices - a flexible, integrated system more powerful than many lap-top computers.

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