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Here you'll find all PDF articles I wrote in the past about SHARP pocket computers and mathematical algorithms of all kinds implemented as full programs and routines for them. These articles have never been published before (with the exception of the first one, which was published as an HP article as well) so you'll see them here for the very first time.

This Category will feature all unpublished articles I've written in the last 20+ years, which will be released here exclusively (they won't be submitted to any magazine for publication), plus all new articles I may write now and in the near future. Stay tuned !

PDF SHARP Article VA001 - Know Thy Foe A New Contender

12-page article which describes and compares the two greatest contemporary, ground-breaking machines of the early 80's: the RPN flagship HP-41C versus the very first pocket computer, the BASIC-programmable SHARP PC-1211.

The article includes six excellent side-to-side pictures comparing specific key design features of both models, as well as a thorough technical description of their differences (display, keyboard, usability in manual calculations, programming, mass storage, documentation) and two test-case programs, each of them written for both models to better see them in action while dealing with the very same programming task but each using their unique programming paradigms ("Hand to hand: a casual duel").

Finally, four additional short sample programs for the SHARP PC-1211 are included (all of them less than 9 lines long) yet successfully dealing with fairly non-trivial tasks with utmost ease.

These articles, programs, pictures, their descriptions and other materials created by me are (c) Valentin Albillo, and can be used freely for non-profit purposes as long as (1) the contents aren't modified in any way and (2) the copyright is acknowledged. In plain words, you can download them and use them for non-profit purposes but do not include them in any media and/or site for which you're asking money, do not tamper with their contents and do not say or imply that you created them or that you don't know who created them, you must always give due credit to me.