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Here you'll find a set of pictures I've taken myself featuring calculators and pocket computers of diverse brands (other than HP or SHARP) selected from my own personal collection, as well as useful details and my (hopefully interesting) anecdotes and comments on each particular model, including links to relevant materials (Articles, Brochures, Challenges) previously uploaded by me to this very site. Enjoy!

Other Picture VA001 - CASIO PB-2000C

The CASIO PB-2000C is one of the rarest pocket computers, a multi-language one that included a buit-in standard (K&R) C interpreter but would accept ROM modules for programming in BASIC and Pascal, among others (Prolog, CASL, ...). It has 32 Kb of RAM (expandable via RAM card to 64 Kb) as well as a dot-matrix LCD display (4x32 char, 32x192 px), in a somewhat large, heavy unit.

Regrettably, although C is usually associated with low-level access and speed, the interpreter here (and the precompiler which compiles to P-code) is quite slow, certainly slower than both my SHARP PC-E500 or my HP42S, to name a few, and the unavoidable compilation process causes a somewhat annoying delay before the program you just entered starts to run. Gaining speed by directly accessing RAM or calling assembler routines in the ROM or external should be possible but if that's the case there's no documentation that I know of on how to proceed.

On the positive side, it admits a number of peripherals including printing, plotting, storing to tape and floppy. and RS-232 Centronics inteface, which is nice and offers lots of possibilities.


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