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Assorted Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Raw Scans

This Section features scans of assorted documents not necessarily related to calculators of any particular model or brand, or even to computing in general.

Most are typically vintage documents neither authored nor scanned by me (though some might be) but which are in my possession and due to their perceived interest and/or rarity I'm making them available here so they won't get lost if the original source eventually disappears.

PDF Misc Raw Scan - Scientific American Aug 1985 - Exploring the Mandelbrot Set

Computer Recreations. A computer microscope zooms in for a look at the most complex object in mathematics.

The Mandelbrot set broods in silent complexity at the center of a vast two-dimensional sheet of numbers called the complex plane. [...] Here is an infinite regress of detail that astonishes us with its variety, its complexity and its strange beauty.

P.S.: Inspired by this very Scientific American article, I created 32 years later my own private fractal program, FractVal 1.0, just for the sheer fun of doing it, whose motto is:

                  "A simple formula, a simple palette and a simple rendering algorithm"

See here full details and a comprehensive showcase of the amazingly beautiful fractal images it can produce with such a simple approach.

PDF Misc Raw Scan - Scientific American March 1981 - Magic Cubology (Full Scan)

(12-page, 1981-article by Douglas R. Hofstadter.)

The Magic Cube's cubies are twiddled by cubists and solved by cubemeisters.

Cubitis magikia, n. A severe mental disorder accompanied by itching of the fingertips that can be relieved only by prolonged contact with a multicolored cube originating in Hungary and Japan. Symptoms often last for months. Highly contagious.

These articles, programs, pictures, their descriptions and other materials created by me are (c) Valentin Albillo, and can be used freely for non-profit purposes as long as (1) the contents aren't modified in any way and (2) the copyright is acknowledged. In plain words, you can download them and use them for non-profit purposes but do not include them in any media and/or site for which you're asking money, do not tamper with their contents and do not say or imply that you created them or that you don't know who created them, you must always give due credit to me.