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Here you'll find a set of brochures I've collected over the years featuring HP vintage computers. You'll find here the full brochures as PDF documents, whose pages are 2,500 x 3,300 PNG images scanned at 300 dpi or better. Enjoy !

P.S.: All titles ending in Full Brochure are part of my Project HAM.

PDF HP Computer Brochure VA002 - HP-85 Potencia Profesional (Full Scan)

(24 pages, 40.586.198 bytes, in Spanish)

Descubra toda la potencia profesional del ordenador personal Hewlett-Packard HP-85.

Hewlett-Packard presenta a los profesionales de ahora toda la potencia del calculo personal. Este magnifico y completisimo folleto de 24 paginas incluye ademas todas las funciones e instrucciones del BASIC HP-85 y de los ROMs.

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